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Krew from birth-6 months old!

Just to warn you, this might be a LONG post! Krew has been the biggest blessing in our lives. He has changed the way I look at things and has brought Stu and I so much closer. There is such a special spirit that he brings into this home. 

My birth story:  I was having strong consistent contractions for 3 1/2 weeks and these sharp shooting pains like his head was trying to come out. My doctor checked me a day before I was 39 weeks and he said he was ready! and everything would be totally fine if I was induced. I was almost a 4 and 70 % effaced for  2 1/2  weeks. I was so ready! But as soon as I heard my doctor say those words, I got so nervous/anxios and started second guessing myself! Stu and I left the office and Stu had a surprise for me! He took me to a hotel for our last night together! It was so much fun! We just relaxed (as much as I could). It was PERFECT! I loved my surprise! I have the best husband! SO LUCKY!! 

We enjoyed our night and waited for our phone call to let us know that they were ready for us! They called us the next morning Tuesday October 5th 2010 and said we are ready for you now! Stu had to go into work for a minute, I called him and said get back here! We are going in!!!  We were already packed, I had everything for me and Krew in the car 3 weeks in advance (just incase!) Stu came back to get me, my mom and Bailie came and met us for  breakfast at the hotel, none of us could even eat! Aaron (Stus brother) also met us and him and Stu gave me a blessing. Aaron is an amazing man!  (my dad was on his way home from out of town) I was nervous he might miss it!  
Stu and I then headed to the hospital & get all checked in & in our Room at 9: 03 AM. They gave me pitocin, penicillin & my ivy at 10AM. The really strong contractions didn't start until 11AM , they broke my water by 1:07 PM and I was so ready for my epidural around 2:45PM! I felt enough labor!! I wanted to wait a little bit for my epidural so I could feel the contractions and be in enough pain so I was ready for the epidural (this is what I was most worried about!)  I just held Stu's hand so tightly , I glanced at Stu and he looked like he was going to pass out! He was looking at the needle and that did NOT make me feel any better!! It hurt but it sure did take the pain away!! Thank heaven for those epidurals! 
By 3:30 I noticed my contractions were slowing down ALOT on the monitor so I paged my nurse.. She realized my ivy was pinched and I wasn't getting any pitocin. She told me this probably slowed things down about 3 hours!!! By 5:45pm I felt SO much pressure and knew it was time. The nurse checked me, I was a 9! Dr. Davis was on his way and I started pushing by 6:30pm.  I knew exactly when to push, it didn't hurt but was a TON of pressure. The only thing that hurt was my left shoulder?? Everytime I pushed my shoulder would sting and hurt so bad, it was weird.  It actually hurt a lot more than my contractions.  I pushed for an hour and a half! It was the hardest thing I ever did. Krew had a HUGE head (it was in the 95th percentille!!!) That is why I pushed SO long! I closed my eyes for my last 2 pushes and gave it my all! Krew was half way out and I couldnt see anything, I guess I asked Stu "Is he cute!?" Gave one last push and he was out!! When I heard Krew cry, it was the best sound I have ever heard.  Stu cut the umbilical cord and they placed Krew on me immediatly for skin to skin contact. It was the best feeling in the whole entire world. The spirit in the room was undescribable. I wished we could have stayed in that moment forever. I have never been that close to heaven and felt the spirit that strong in my whole life. Best day of my life!

 Amy decorated my room!
 After the epidural, I was FREEZING!


    • Stu and I were crying and kissing. 
      Best. Moment.EVER.

He was SO alert!

Krew Jerry Denny
7 pounds 3 ounces
20.5 inches
Born on October 5, 2010
At 8:08PM (that is Stu and I's anniversary date 8-08!)
Everyone was holding him, kissing him, then Krew started to cry... I knew right then that he was crying because he was hungry. Right after I had him, I had a crazy reaction. I could NOT stop shaking. I was shaking so badly it looked like I was having a caesar.  I tried breathing slower, getting warmer.. it was only getting worse. I turned to Stu and my dad and said "I need a blessing."  Krew was so hungry and there was nothing I could do. I felt so helpless. My dad offered the blessing and right when he finished, the shakes stopped. IMMEDIATELY. I was able to feed Krew and my testimony was strengthened so much this day. It was an incredible moment. 

I was so glad that I had Krew a week early. My doctor thought Krew would be 6 1/2 pounds and he was 7 lbs 3 oz. If I had him on my due date he probably would have been over 8 pounds! OUCH!!! Lol...


The day we were going home!!
These were our name choices. We choose Crew but spelt it KREW!

I love this picture! I think this was when it really hit Stu that he was a dad! We both kind of just looked at each other and thought.. Ok now what!? We were clueless but figured it out just fine!! 

Introducing Lily to Krew! She didn't like him very much at first but now they have so much fun chasing each other!

He was SO tiny!

This one is my FAVORITE! Stu did an AMAZING job capturing Krew's sweetness!

He was already smiling by the time he was one month old!


Krew's first month was quite an adjustment! I was feeding him every 3 hours during the day and every 4 hours during the night. I was exhausted!!!  He had acid reflex REALLY bad and would through up about half of everything he ate back up. I then had to feed him EVERY 2 hours for about 3 weeks. We just decided to not leave the house, it was kind of pointless during that time. I was BEYOND exhausted!

Jess's Bday! 

 Krew's Baby Blessing December 5, 2010. Stu gave Krew his blessing. It was beautiful. I am SO thankful to have a worthy priesthood  holder in the house and that Stu is such a great example to me! He has the strongest testimony I have ever heard and gave the best blessing!

 Krew is 2 months old!


Krew and Stu's Parents!

3 months old!
I Can NOT believe Stu caught this picture in time! LOL!!!


Happy Valentines Day!
Krew LOVED his swing! He was so happy every time he was in there! We were both sad when he grew out of it!!!!
Activity Mat!

Krew in his jumper!

Stu turns 25!
He blew out his candles with his new helicopter! It was pretty sweet!
VEGAS trip!
My mom, Krew, and I flew home in a plane and Krew did not even make one sound! BEST BABY EVER!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Look at my little Leprechaun!

Krew's first EASTER!

Krew and his cousin Cole!

This is Krew's FAVORITE Part of the day!!!


He LOVES his Toes!

 He loves to feed himself with his toes!
 Us taking our naps together!

Krew would sit in this while we did yard work

Krew helping mommy at work!

 Daddy and Krew bringing me flowers at work one day!



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